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Piping and Pipeline Stress Analysis Using Caesar 2014

NJ-ETS offers pipe stress capability for onshore installations complying with international codes (e.g. ASME B31.3, ASME B31.4, ASME B31.8, DNV2000), services include:

  • Static design (operating, wind, seismic analyses and fatigue evaluation)
  • Dynamic design (modal time history and harmonic analyses)
  • Blast resistance design (using state-of the-art tools to design piping for blast resistance)
  • NJ-ETS can also assist clients in carrying out fire and explosion studies and quantitative risk analysis, which are pre-requisites for a comprehensive blast design
  • Assessment of acoustically induced vibration (AIV) effects and fatigue life evaluation of piping, to internationally acceptable practices
  • Complete data sheet of special piping items include expansion joint, spring hanger, flexible hose etc.
  • Complete nozzle analysis for static and rotary equipment according to their specific codes & standards or vendor allowable.

Software to be used include Caesar II, 2014 and other in house designed