Pressure vessels, Heat Exchanger & Column

Pressure vessels, Heat Exchanger & Column

Employing the talents of experienced multinational vendors, NJ ETS can provide clients with a comprehensive service beyond "the basics". Purchasers of pressure vessels and heat exchangers from NJ ETS can have the utmost confidence that the equipment is fit for service, is priced appropriately, and proper thought has been given to all aspects of its design.

    Design for Strength:

  • Codes ASME VIII, TEMA.
  • Piping codes ASME B31.3.
  • Most up to date pressure vessel design software PV Elite & Compress.

  • Design for Code Compliance:

  • To satisfy Statutory Authorities.
  • To fulfill obligations to clients.
  • To enable Code specified testing and inspection regime
  • For safety.

  • Design for Efficiency:

  • Material usage and manufacturing methods.
  • Materials availability and lead times.
  • Appropriate testing for end use.

  • Design for Market

  • Physical dimensions to suit location.
  • Suitable appearance and configuration.
  • Resolve specification conflicts with anticipated hazards and Code requirements.

  • Design and manufacture occur within the framework of an accredited Quality Management System to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000.

    Our Suppliers

  • China
  • Germany
  • Italy